Kiosk End On End

Kiosk End On End

ETEL are a leading distribution kiosk manufacturer, supplying customers across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The ETEL Kiosk Substation is designed to minimise the cost of ownership for a transformer with protective switchgear.

Kiosk substations are an integral part of the complete electrical network. Converting high voltage to lower voltage within a safe, protective unit, these substations provide a usable electrical voltage to homes and buildings.

Protective housing encases the unit, protecting it as well as ensuring the safety of anybody exposed to the transformer. The modular approach used by ETEL allows customers to select the capacity of the transformer (up to 3.5MVA). Customers can also choose the type of high voltage switchgear (either oil filled, SF6 or air) or low voltage switchgear. Whatever is required for your electrical project requirements, as a leading kiosk transformer manufacturer we can create a solution for you.

All internal electrical components are assembled and tested prior to shipment. This eases the burden of onsite installations, leaving only the HV and LV cables to be terminated onsite.

The modular design of the kiosk substations allow for a rapid and mobile method of supplying a low-cost substation with minimal maintenance and high flexibility.



As a reliable distribution kiosk manufacturer, we offer units with convenient features:

63kVA – 3500kVA

Compact design, high-quality materials, top performance.

Designed to customer specified high voltage switchgear (oil filled, SF6 or air insulated)

Customer specified low voltage switchgear

Minimal installation and maintenance costs

Optional built in oil-containment bund

Biodegradable oil options

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ETEL Promise

At ETEL we offer the best levels of customer service and product quality available to our customers. With decades of experience backing our knowledge, reputation and product design, you should feel confident when purchasing from a reputable kiosk transformer manufacturer.