Industrial Transformers Australia

ETEL are a competitive industrial transformer manufacturer, distributing transformers across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. The industrial transformer range is designed for simple installation and minimal maintenance. Hermetically sealed tanks provide a reduced oil maintenance requirements and a more compact design.

We offer a range that extends from 100kVA through to 4000kVA, 3 phase arrangements that are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Our transformers are used for many large industrial applications. This includes use in electrical networks, mine sites, transportation systems and manufacturing warehouses. Whatever your industrial power application requirements we have the right solutions for your technical needs.

Mining Transformer Manufacturers

As mining transformer manufacturers we understand the importance of providing reliable power to your worksite. Our mining transformers are offered throughout Australia to suit your mining site requirements.



Our transformer solutions offer a range of features:

Robust designs to withstand the harsh operating environments.

Accessories for protection and monitoring

Various arrangements, including cable boxes or open bushing types

Hermetically sealed to prevent contaminants from entering the oil.

100-4000 kVA

Zinc spray available for units that will be installed in highly corrosive environments

Biodegradable fluid options available as well as standard oils

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All technical information on our Industrial Transformers can be found on the product data sheet.

ETEL’s full range includes transformers that are designed to meet individual distribution needs. To find out more about our products, complete our online enquiry sheet and our team will get in touch with you shortly.