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As a leading distribution transformer manufacturer across Australia, NZ and the Pacific we provide our customers with a range of products suitable for a variety of power distribution needs.


Pole Bolt

The most recognised distribution transformer is the standard pole mounted style seen throughout streets in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. These transformers are used to convert high voltage power to a safe voltage for your home. ETEL designs these transformers with reliability in mind. We offer single and three phase options ensuring a cost effective option is applied to your specific application.

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ETEL have robust industrial and mining transformers designed specifically for remote applications. The transformers are designed with minimal maintenance requirements and long life cycles to ensure electricity accessibility and uninterrupted operations.

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Kiosk Substation

ETEL manufacture a range of modular kiosk substations that allow for easy installation and low maintenance. All components are pre-installed prior to delivery and installation. These products offer low maintenance, modular power distribution solutions.

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Kiosk Side By Side

The ETEL Kiosk Substation is manufactured to minimise the total cost of ownership for a transformer with protective switchgear.

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Wind Farms

With an increased demand for sustainable electrical solutions, wind farming has become a feasible generation option. ETEL can provide suitable wind turbine generator transformers to step up turbine electrical output voltages.

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Dry type Transformer Picture

Cast Resin

For critical infrastructure where reliability is paramount. Cast resin transformers are the ultimate in fire safety.

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ETEL has developed a modular frame arrangement and LV busbar system to accommodate isolators and vertical/horizontal disconnectors.

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Our products are designed to be durable and withstand the diverse climates of Australasia. To find out exactly what product will suit your application or more about how we can help you, contact us via the online enquiry form. Our team will be in contact to answer any questions you may have about ETEL.


We’ll get back in touch with you as soon as we can! For more information just give us a call on 1800 458 126