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In 2013 ETEL designed, manufactured and supplied 66 x 2.5MVA WTG Transformers to Downer Australia, as part of the Meridian Energy Mt Mercer Wind Farm development. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Smart Transformers

ETEL Limited are collaborating with Robinson Research Institute to develop key aspects of a smart distribution transformers. The aim of this project is to support the smart electricity distribution grid by providing network operators with real time accurate data that enables transformer condition assessments and life cycle projections to be made. For more information on this project please click the link below.

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Key Aspects of the Smart Transformer:

High Voltage Ring Main Unit: Arc Fault Containment

Fibre Optic Based Measurements

Data Hub Communications

Voltage Control

On Load Tap Changer

Boco Rock Wind Farm

In 2014, ETEL designed, manufactured and supplied 67 x 2.1MVA WTG Transformers to Downer Australia. Apart of the Boco Rock Wind Farm project located 2hrs South of Canberra, in Nimmitabel, NSW, Australia.

WTG Transformer kiosks complete with internal MV switching and full 690V LV frames. In less than six months the units were designed, tested, type tested and shipped to site, on time and in full.


Fiji Electricity Authority Project

In 2014, ETEL supplied 17 diesel generator transformers to the Fiji Electricity Authority. Low hydro electric lake levels were threatening power outlages. With the manufactured generators on order from USA, ETEL had to design, manufacture and deliver the first transformers within a short time frame; the project was successful.

The first two 3.5MVA 33kV transformers were designed, constructed and dispatched 8 weeks from receipt of the order, and all transformers supplied within 16 weeks.